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    Training System

    Training for Managers
    Control and command system training for Section Managers;
    Management skills and comprehensive quality improvement training for managers; all-around training for Workshop Directors 
    Major Courses
    √Control and Command System
    √Carnegie Management Skills Training
    √ Building a High-performance Team
    √Communication and Execution Ability
    √ Business Risk Prevention and Control
    √Corporate Culture and Team Building
    Training for Technicians
    Equipment maintenance practice;
    Occupational injury prevention and management practice;
    On-site improvement proposal practice training; Quality control management training;
     Office Automation skills training
    Major Courses
    √Equipment Skills Multi-functional Training
    √Special Operations and electricity Safety
    √ Fire Facilities and Fire Safety
    √Using Quality Tools to Analyze and Identify Problems
    √  ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Training
    √ Advanced Training of Office Software Automation
    Production/Supporting Personnel
    Skills Training for frontline employees
    Team leader special training;
    Visual management practice,
    Warehouse logistics skills training
    Major Courses
    √Main Methods of On-site Management
    √ Visual Management in Workshop 
    √ Visual Management in Warehouses
    √ Training of Problem-solving Skills at Work
    √Warehouse Management Methods of Raw Materials and semi-finished Products 
    √Safety Education and Training for Employees.
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